‘La Ultima Mision’: 5 Standout Moments From Wisin & Yandel’s Madison Square Garden Show

With their triumphant performance Saturday night (Oct. 8) in New York City, Wisin & Yandel displayed their formidable trajectory. Although they became reggaeton fixtures over two decades ago — including in the Big Apple, with performances in iconic clubs like Club Exit and Copacabana for the Latin American diaspora — their Madison Square Garden gig showcased their undisputed stature as legends of the genre. 

Clad in Mad Max-esque gear, the Puerto Rican pair appeared onstage and enthralled for about two hours. Fresh off releasing their tenth — and perhaps final — album together, La Última Misión (The Last Mission), Wisin & Yandel performed a mix of classics and new songs from their latest release. Their high energy was felt on a thousand, complete with riveting pyrotechnic effects, captivating back-up dancers, and a set of costume changes that brought more eye candy to the crowd.  


The dynamic duo kicked off their tour in Miami’s FX Arena on Sept. 30, the same day of their album release. They will set foot in major North American cities like Toronto, Houston, Las Vegas, Ontario and Los Angeles. And, in December, Wisin & Yandel are poised to break their own record with a series of 14 homecoming gigs at Coliseo de Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot, belovedly known as El Choli to locals. That also includes a performance on New Year’s Eve, the first time ever the iconic venue holds a show on said date. 

Here are five things that stood out at the Wisin & Yandel MSG show. 

Their Apocalyptic Style Is Reinforced With Riveting Pyrotechnic Effects 

Wisin & Yandel arrived on stage dressed in Mad Max-esque combative gear, with Wisin in all black, and Yandel in off-white combative attire. There were the pyrotechnic effects in full force to boot, blazing between the fans and performers, and against a Jumbotron that showed a collage of dystopian, Fast & Furious-type visuals with plenty of explosions. A costume change later, the Puerto Rican duo fired up in a shiny, fire-engine red get-up as they continued to captivate fans for nearly two hours. 

Latin Pride Is on Full Display

Doing a quick 360, one saw plenty of Latin American flags lofted throughout. Although New York City is one of the most racially and ethnically diverse places in the U.S., there’s no denying that Wisin & Yandel will keep representing Latin pride throughout their next tour stops. “¿Dónde está mi gente Latina?” or “Where are my Latin people!?” will always be a signature call-out in reggaeton. 

Nostalgia Is a Significant Factor 

Although fresh off releasing a brand-new album, their MSG set was packed with classic bangers. Opening with 2007’s combustible “Ahora Es,” their explosive energy inspired a gigantic throwdown, with concert-goers dancing all around. Whether standing on their seats, thrusting with their beas or moving towards the stair aisles for more space to gyrate, one couldn’t help but burst out with lots of motion, especially when one recalls the yesteryears. The pair spanned through their hits since their chart-topping 2000 album, Los Reyes del Nuevo Milenio, and when they nearly wrapped up with their penultimate number “Rakatá,” all hell broke loose. 

“You don’t know how many things are going through my mind right now,” said Wisin in Spanish. “I want to thank all of you for so many years of love and affection. There are many people here who have been fans of Wisin & Yandel for more than 20 years.” 

Calling Out All the Single Ladies 

Let’s be real, no old school or modern day reggaeton show would be complete without the frequent single-lady call outs. “Where are the Dominican ladies?!” Wisin often shouted in Spanish. The genre first came to notoriety for its lyrical raunch, a quality that has remained at the core of reggaeton. The affection is reciprocated, especially when femininity and feminism have evolved in the last two decades. “Where are the women who are in charge of their household?!” the group further shouts. “Where are the women who like to dance reggaeton?!” (Never forget “Si no estás bailando con ella, ¡salte!”, lyrics from “Rakatá,” “Sexy Movimiento” or “solo para mujeres” songs.) Couples were embraced too, as the kiss-cam went around shooting affectionate pairs. 

La Última Misión Tour Is Wisin & Yandel’s Last Stint Together — For Now 

New songs from La Última Misión were received with lots of excitement, especially since it marks the revered group’s legendary run as a formidable act of reggaeton. They’ve continued to churn out massive hits — like their recent single “Besos Moja2,” featuring Rosalía, which was highly praised. Because they killed it on stage and performed loads of worthy chart-toppers, and because Wisin & Yandel as a team will come to an end, this is why La Última Misión Tour is one not to miss.