Unwrapping the Mummy Dance-Off From ‘Under Wraps 2’: See an Exclusive Clip From Disney Channel Sequel

Maybe you grew up watching the 1997 Disney Channel Original Movie Under Wraps every Halloween, or maybe your family fell in love with last year’s Under Wraps remake. However you got wrapped up in the mummy movie, Under Wraps 2 is coming to Disney Channel on Sunday to keep the legend of Harold alive.

In the new movie, Marshall (Malachi Barton), Gilbert (Christian J. Simon) and Amy (Sophia Hammons) are back and preparing for Amy’s dad to get married in a Halloween-themed wedding. But they’re a little preoccupied by an evil mummy coming after Harold (Phil Wright) and his undead girlfriend Rose (Rryla McIntosh) to settle a thousand-year-old grudge.

Amidst all the spooky hijinks, Harold and Rose have a chance to hit a light-up floor for a dance number set to the original song “My Kind of Monster,” performed by the three kid lead actors, and Billboard is premiering a clip from the dance scene below.

The new song was co-written and co-produced by Under Wraps 2 director Alex Zamm, along with Alex Geringas and Michael Goode, and Zamm says Barton, Simon and Hammons really “knocked it out of the park” with their vocals.

“Contributing songs to the movies I direct is such a great way for me to enrich the experience for the audience,” Zamm tells Billboard. “For Under Wraps 2, I wanted to create a fun, positive song that conveyed one of the movie’s key themes — embracing our differences and our uniqueness. When the title came to me, ‘My Kind of Monster,’ it all jelled. Collaborating with Alex Geringas, my longtime songwriting and music producing partner, and writer/singer Mike Goode, we crafted a fun track that no mummy can resist dancing to and that elevates the big musical sequence in the movie. And Steve Vincent, senior VP of music at Disney Branded Television, suggested the terrific idea of having our three lead cast members sing the song, and they really knocked it out of the park!”

Wright, who returns as the mummy Harold, is a professional dancer and choreographer, so when the opportunity arose to show off his fancy footwork, he was more than game.

“In Under Wraps, I was able to freestyle a few dance moves at the Halloween party scene,” Wright tells Billboard. “In Under Wraps 2, I was given the opportunity to choreograph a dance scene that consisted of a fake cow, a fake giraffe, Rryla Mcintosh a.k.a. Rose and myself. Luckily, everyone knew how to dance!”

Below, watch the exclusive “My Kind of Monster” dance scene, and catch Under Wraps 2 when it premieres Sunday night at 5 p.m. ET on Disney Channel before streaming on Disney+ beginning Friday, Sept. 30.

Rryla McIntosh and Phil Wright in Disney Channel’s ‘Under Wraps 2.’