Tove Lo’s ‘Habits (Stay High) – Hippie Sabotage Remix’ Video Joins YouTube’s Billion Views Club

Tove Lo has secured another major achievement with just three days left until the new year: The Swedish singer’s music video for the Hippie Sabotage remix of “Habits (Stay High)” has joined YouTube’s billion views club.

The original version of “Habits” was released as Lo’s second single in 2013, and later appeared on her debut studio album, Queen of the Clouds, with the Hippie Sabotage remix released in April 2014. The song served as the singer’s breakout hit in the United States and peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in November 2014.

Speaking with Billboard about the track for “My Billboard Moment,” Lo recalled when she found out the song hit the top of the Hot 100. “When ‘Habits’ hit top 10 on Billboard, I remember it very clearly … I remember Ludvig [Söderberg] who co-wrote and produced the song with me leaned over and just showed me on his phone that ‘Habits’ was No. 3,” she said. “It was such a surreal moment being from little Sweden, and my little dreams and goals about becoming an artist and getting to tour, I never though it would reach that. It was a huge feeling.”

In the time since, several remixed versions of “Habits” have gone viral on social media, primarily on TikTok. In 2020, the track saw a resurgence on the social media platform through a “drummer girl” version of “Habits” that featured heavy, edited-in drums. Videos of users popping their bodies in conjunction with the beats made the rounds on the platform and quickly went viral. A jazz remix version of the track also became popular on TikTok.

Revisit the Hippie Sabotage remix of “Habits (Stay High)” above.