SZA Teams Up With Lakeith Standfield For New Video ‘Shirt’: Watch

After a two-year wait, SZA gifted fans her long-awaited single “Shirt.” The song is accompanied by the Dave Meyers-helmed visual, which features actor Lakeith Stanfield.

“Bloodstain on my shirt/New bitch on my nerves/Old n—a got curved/Going back on my word/Damn, bitch, you like thirty,” she sings on the chorus. “Stealing all of my worth/Still question my affection/Let you all in my mental/Got me lookin’ so desperate.

After teasing fans with the song’s snippet in late 2020, “Shirt” later found its way onto TikTok, where a viral challenge began. At the top of 2021, the CTRL singer caught wind of the social craze and said she was “finalizing” the record. She again tantalized fans when she placed the song at the outro of her “Good Days” video. Her July 2022 performance at the Mad Cool Festival in Madrid also raised antennas when she hinted that Doja Cat would appear on the upcoming track.

“Want to know a secret? You all want to know who’s on this song? It’ll be like our secret, right?” she revealed to the crowd. “The hint is we already have a song together. Her name starts with a ‘D,’ and it rhymes with Soulja.” Last month, TDE’s Punch debunked those claims in SZA’s Complex cover story. Then, this week, SZA released a flirty trailer “Shirt” with Lakeith Stanfield alongside her.

“I appreciate [my fans] patience, but constantly trying to people-please and fulfill expectations instead of just thinking about what you need can deter you from your true path,” SZA said to Complex regarding her sophomore album. “And the next thing you know, you’re somebody that you never signed up to be. Even with this album, I just wanna be better than my last project to myself. I wanna be a better writer. I wanna be a better artist, musician… a better thinker. I just wanna do things that make myself proud and interested.”

In a brief interview with TMZ at LAX airport this month, SZA said she recorded 100 records for her forthcoming effort and that the project could drop “any day.”

Watch the official music video for “Shirt” below.