Maren Morris Stars in Democratic National Committee Ad to Encourage Voting: ‘This Is Personal’

Maren Morris is helping encourage voters to get to the polls for the Nov. 8 midterm election in a new ad for the Democratic National Committee. Morris narrates the ad, which includes footage from the music video for her 2019 hit “Girl.” That music video previously earned a CMA Awards nomination for music video of the year.

“This is personal. Your vote is your voice,” Morris says in the spot as the camera focuses on the singer-songwriter in a guitar shop, sitting with her back to the camera and playing an acoustic guitar. “It is the only thing that is standing in the way of having the right to choose, or having the choice be made for you.”


The ad ends with a message for viewers to visit, a site that identifies voting and drop-off locations, helps people check their voters registration, register to vote, and learn more about casting a ballot.

Morris has long been outspoken about her social and political beliefs, endorsing Joe Biden in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election during the virtual “I Will Vote” Democratic fundraiser.

As “a proud Texan now living in Nashville, Tenn.,” Morris discussed her decision via a three-minute video later uploaded to Instagram at the time. “Coming from a Southern family with a conservative background, throughout my childhood, I was always taught to treat people with respect and dignity, no matter their race, their religion, their sexual orientation, and yes, even their political party,” she explained in 2020. “But like a lot of us, I’ve been in perpetual shock watching what’s happened to our country these last few years. We’ve been divided and pitted against one another.”

She added, “I voted early for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and for Democrats down the ticket here in Tennessee because we need leadership that is kind, compassionate and that cares,” she continued. “Leadership that will unite us to overcome this pandemic, to put us back to work again, end systemic racism and work every day to ensure we leave this world to our kids in better shape than we found it.”

Following the June 24 ruling from the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 decision that provided federal protection to access to abortion, Morris provided a statement to Rolling Stone, describing the careful planning she and husband Ryan Hurd did in welcoming their son Hayes in 2020.

“As mothers do, I really tried to think of every detail I could before he came into this world to keep him safe; pediatrician, hospital, crib, nursery sound machine, even future school he would someday go to,” she said. “Every choice, every decision, a thoughtful one.”

She added, “Today, I hold my 2-year-old son with tears streaming down my face because all my love and planning still wasn’t enough to protect him from being born into a country who could do this to women,” the singer added. “Tomorrow I will fight, but today I am grieving.”

Morris’ 2022 album, Humble Quest, is nominated for album of the year heading into this week’s CMA Awards, set to be held Nov. 9 at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena and airing on ABC.

Watch her new spot for the DNC above.