J-Hope Says Featuring on ‘Rush Hour’ Was an ‘Important Step in My Career’

BTS ARMY, get up! There’s more behind-the-scenes content from Crush and J-Hope‘s video for “Rush Hour” to devour. BTS’ official YouTube page shared a video on Wednesday (Oct. 12) about J-Hope’s experience filming the visual.

The video starts off with a few snippets of the BTS rapper on set, before showing him in the green room. “‘You are my Hope.’ Crush prepared this for me. He decorated my green room so beautifully, with flowers and a handwritten letter too. How touching!” J-Hope said with a smile. “That’s right, today! It’s my first time featuring. It’s my first solo featuring song. This is an important step for my career as well. It’s the day of the music video shoot.”


In between scenes of Hope expertly hitting choreography alongside dancers in the video’s New York City, urban-inspired set, J-Hope explained his verse on the track. “In the song, my lyrics are about my thought on traffic and my sense of direction,” he shared. “I hope you enjoy it. It’s not too heavy. It has the chorus and so many elements that everyone can enjoy.”

Halfway through the video, Crush makes his cameo alongside J-Hope and sweetly asks BTS fans taking a look at their behind-the-scenes video to wish him well and watch over him, locking his hands in mock prayer and bowing to the camera. During the brief break from filming, the two took photos while on set.

Crush and J-Hope reunite toward the end of their shoot, as the BTS rapper bids a farewell to the “Rush Hour” singer. After sharing a friendly hug — which results in hefty applause from the camera crew — J-Hope does one last aside and tells the camera, “I think it’ll be one of the projects I’ll never forget.”

Watch the new behind-the-scenes video of “Rush Hour” below.