Dita Von Teese Says It Was a ‘True Pleasure’ Working With Taylor Swift in ‘Bejeweled’ Video

Dita Von Teese opened up Tuesday (Oct. 25) about what it was like to dance with Taylor Swift in her magical music video for Midnights album cut “Bejeweled.”

In the fairytale-inspired clip, the famed burlesque performer plays the Fairy Goddess to the superstar’s Cinderella, and even performs alongside the superstar in giant matching martini glasses covered in Swarovski crystals.


“I had a wonderful time working with Taylor’s stylist Joseph Cassell on creating the costumes with Catherine D’Lish, and coaching Taylor on the act… and what a delight to perform alongside her for the video!” the famed burlesque performer said in a statement. “Taylor’s generosity radiates in all that she does. I’m deeply touched by her kindness in acknowledging not only me, but burlesque, an American art form to which I have dedicated my life. It was a true pleasure to share my martini glass act with her.”

For her part, Swift dished on recruiting Von Teese for the role in her sit-down Monday night (Oct. 24) on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, saying, “One of my favorite performers, who I think has been so influential in pop music, I’ve nicknamed this character not the Fairy Godmother but the Fairy Goddess … and that is played by Dita Von Teese, who I think is one of the most iconic performers and it’s so exciting to see her do what she does in this.”

The “Bejeweled” visual also features cameos by the likes of Laura Dern as Taylor’s villainous Step Mommy, HAIM as her cruel stepsisters, Pat McGrath as the queen and Jack Antonoff as the prince the singer ghosts by the end of the narrative in favor of the keys to the castle.

Revisit Von Teese’s martini glass dance with Swift in “Bejeweled” below.