Britney Spears Posts Pointed Addendum to 22-Minute Voice Memo: ‘It’s Not About Pleasing Others’

Britney Spears had a few more things to say after dropping — and then deleting — an emotion-packed 22-minute voice memo in which she chronicled the hardship of her 13-year conservatorship. “You can lose your individuality on a fake tale of how other people may percieve you and some idiots like me fall into the trap cause unfortunately I do care,” she wrote on Sunday night (August 28).

“But at the end of the day … I have to honor myself and realize it’s not about pleasing others or driving yourself crazy on what other think,” she added just hours after sharing the voice note. 

“To honor myself … and value myself is the only way to something we all seek … Self love … value of self , and passing that on to every person I encounter !!!” She also took time to correct one of the comments she made in the note about the amount of bloodwork she had to endure every week during the conservatorship. “A reminder to some of you who may have gotten what I said confused … it was 6 small vials of blood not 6 gallons !!!” she wrote.  

Spears said she was “honored” and felt loved by the awareness and acknowledgement of her just-released hit collaboration with Sir Elton John on “Hold Me Closer,” as well as for her “struggles and what I’ve been through!!! He [John] knows the hardships of the world on a bigger scale.”

The singer also hit out at what she said has always been a “boring tactic” in music, complacency, assuring her fans that “music… creation… producing is where my heart lies and lifts me with inspiration!!! I’ve had the opportunity to work with someone who is beautiful and kind on all levels.”

Plus, Britney being Britney, she posted a short video of her in a yellow dress dancing to Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” and “being a f—ing ray of sunshine… life is short… so smile like there’s no tomorrow!!!”

Check out Britney’s tweets below.