Welcome to the Karaoke Viewpoint

The Karaoke Viewpoint is a centrally oriented Karaoke venue search site. Designed to allow visitors, a sort of one stop location, to search for venues that offer Karaoke shows and events. We have set up our listings state by state. Each state listing is then broken down by cities.

So, what is Karaoke? Karaoke is a form of entertainment, offered normally by bars and clubs, in which individuals take turns to sing popular songs into a microphone over prerecorded backing tracks. Karaoke is a popular entertainment choice for many. If you have never been to a Karaoke affair, you should check it out. No, you don’t have to be a seasoned vocalist to do Karaoke. Nor do you have to sing. Some people just come to watch, listen, and mingle. You would be amazed, at how many amazing singers walk amongst us.

We are passionate about Karaoke. We do encourage feedback on our listings, as well as any inputs for venues or locations that we do not have listed. That helps us stay current.